Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lupe Fiasco- Hurt Me Soul

This song, and more particularly this artist, is very rare for hip hop. He is my favorite guy for Hip Hop, and continues to be a reason why I still love the genre. Don't get me wrong, but I feel most of it is just complete BS and a waste of time. But like I said, most of it. And this is coming from a person who was RAISED on it. But this fellow named Lupe Fiasco goes on to be a positive, intelligent, and cunning artist who prefers the concept of quality over quantity. Its rather refreshing to know someone is aware of all the ills in the world and how negative they can be. The song starts out with a line that states his stance as a person, and his mind frame on the realities most try to ignore. The line goes: "Now I'm not trying to be the greatest/I used to hate hip hop, yup because the women were degraded." He tells (in the first and second verse) about his upcoming growing up in his neighborhood and the third verse he speaks on many things that bring social injustice and ill to this world. And hey, even if that aint your kind of soup, its still a nice beat to enjoy with your ears. Enjoy!

Song: Lupe Fiasco- Hurt Me Soul

Monday, February 21, 2011

Authority Zero- Talk Is Cheap

Today's song is by a Punk/Reggae/Ska band that mixes the genres with a very smooth sound. This band is from the same state I am from. And the town they are from is Mesa, Arizona! Its funny cause Arizona usually sucks for music. Not many good things come out of it =/ But hey I have hope, and here is a band that helps. The song starts out with a nice reggae sound, and the singer question a shady character and his motives. Then, when the chorus hits, BOOM! It hits very hard and he sings with the passion we all have. Enjoy!

Song: Authority Zero- Talk Is Cheap

Friday, February 18, 2011

Queen- Innuendo

Lets start off with one of my favorites shall we? A lot of us know Queen, but mostly from the singles. Queen happens to be a very, very versatile band that did an amazing job at having balance between being creative and original, and being very accessible to many people around the world. With each of the four a master of their craft, these talented individuals went on to create music that would inspire generations to come. Their taste included many genres, including glam, progressive rock, metal, psychedelia, blues, disco, and even including elements of opera and gospel. Many different sounds, especially if one were to invest in the albums. This song is on one of the last albums titled Innuendo. It happens to be the same name of the song. The song is more on the heavier side, with a very stylish flamenco solo near the middle that transcends into a very melodic gospel arrangement, then its goes into the solo again, but with a heavy metal flair added to it. The blending of the sounds altogether is very well put together. So enjoy!

Song: Queen- Innuendo

This World of Music!

Hello everyone. Welcome to my blog! This blog is all about exploring music, expanding horizons for lack of better term. It can be anything, any genre or any sound. What better way to discover new music than to have a friend to help you out? I LOVE discovering new music and just at the young age of 19, I feel I already have a versatile taste and I want to share it with you all. But enough about me, its about the music, so lets hear it!

Every post will contain a song from an artist along with a description of the song, with a link so you can hear it. :)